Taking Your Dog on a Camping Holiday? 4 Things to Consider

Posted on: 16 July 2018

You wouldn't want to leave the kids at home when you go on holiday, would you? OK, well, perhaps sometimes. A holiday can be fun for the whole family, and so you of course want to bring your whole family, including your pooch. A camping holiday can be the type of getaway that's ideal for everyone in your household, regardless of how many legs they have. When taking your dog on a camping holiday there are a few things you need to consider before packing the tent.

1. Are Dogs Allowed on the Premises?

Whether it's a bring your own tent arrangement or a spot with deluxe holiday cabins, you need to ensure that your intended camping ground allows dogs before you make the booking. If the information isn't available on their website, contact them to confirm. It might be that well-behaved dogs are permitted on a discretionary basis when certain rules are followed.

2. What Should You Expect?

These rules would likely be fairly straightforward, such as ensuring that your dog is kept on a leash while at the campsite, cleaning up after them, and doing your best to keep any potential disruptions to a minimum. If your dog tends to bark, bring some toys. It's not a surefire solution, but you will want to have any helpful distractions close at hand (or paw).

3. How Can You Prepare for the Journey?

Has your dog spent much time in the car? If it's just been short hops to the dog park and the beach, you might want to work on their endurance. Before you set off on your camping odyssey, try taking your dogs for longer trips in the car so they get used to it. You could also have a word with your vet about anti-nausea medicine if needed.

4. How Can You Anticipate Unfamiliar Surroundings?

You don't want your dog to run away at any time, and yet it can be worse if it was to happen in an unfamiliar environment. It's great if your dog is microchipped, but you might want to have a tag made for your dog's collar. Include your name and mobile phone number for quick return if your dog decides to take themselves for walkies when you're on holiday.

A bit of homework is required before you and your dog hit the campsite, but it's worthwhile so that the furriest member of your family gets to enjoy a family holiday too.