3 Tips to Help You Enjoy Your Caravan in Wet Weather

Posted on: 23 February 2019

One thing you can never predict in Australia is the weather. It is frustrating to find out bad weather is going to be around when you have booked a holiday away, but many campsites are non-refundable bookings. In times like these, you can choose to either take your caravan and have a good time in the rain or forfeit the site fees you have paid. If you're a new caravan owner who wants to have a great holiday no matter what the weather is doing outside, there are several ways you can make sure your caravan is ready in the event rain starts to fall. Here are three pointers to get you started.

1. Indoor Activities

Bored children quickly become challenging children when stuck inside caravans because it is raining outside. To keep the boredom away, make sure you pack plenty of activities for them to do inside. Tablets (don't forget the chargers), board games, books, magazines, and colouring supplies are all small enough to fit in a caravan without taking up a lot of room. Give each child a small storage box which they can fill with their favourite boredom busters, and then pack up a container for yourself too.

2. Pack Bad Weather Equipment

If there is no lightning close by, letting the kids out to stomp in the puddles is a great way to relieve their extra energy. But, you don't want muddy boots back in your caravan after their playtime. Therefore, it is wise to think about what extra equipment you need for bad weather days. Plastic bags to place the boots in is one such need.

You may also want to pack a couple of large tarpaulins, which can be draped over the caravan in the event it develops a leak. A weatherproof awning which stretches out the front of the caravan gives you an annex where you can head outside for fresh air without getting soaked. Have a chat to your local camping supply store to see what other options they recommend.

3. Pick a Great Location to Park

Finally, once you do get to the caravan park, it's all about location. Avoid parking your caravan in an area where there is already a standing pool of water. This is an indicator that the ground is waterlogged and will flood further when the rain continues to fall.

If Mother Nature decides to send rain clouds when your much needed holiday time arrives, use these tips and head off to enjoy your adventure with your family.